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Welcome to Insectopia

.. an exciting mixture of discovery and amusement
in the amazing world of insects and butterflies!

Just a few steps from the famous Gouffre de Padirac, insectopia has a wide variety of exhibits and displays
for all ages and interests.

In addition to our live insect collections, we have fascinating interactive displays on insects and camouflage, the story of cochineal, insects under the microscope, insects did it first and many others that will leave you educated and amazed!


Use our links page to other attractions, hotels and campsites in the region that can offer discounts for Insectopia, when you use their services.

Stick Insects

Amongst our collection of Stick Insects, is the Macleay's Spectre. This Stick Insect (Extatasoma tiaratum) has an amazing way of rearing its young. Its eggs are dropped to the forest floor where they resemble seeds. A special scent attracts a species of ant that collects the eggs and stores them safe & warm in its nest until they are ready to hatch. This stick insect has found a way of using other insects to raise & protect its young!

Giant Black Millipede

Amongst our touch-screen Insect Olympics exhibit is the World's largest species of millipede, the giant black millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas ) from Africa. Growing up to 20cm in length, these millipedes are harmless vegetarians, whose favourite food is cucumber! Although people think Millipedes have 1,000 legs, this species only has around 400, whilst the record is 762! Strangely, they have an un-even number of pairs of legs - so one side of the millipede has an extra set!


Our cinema can accomodate around 15 people and shows a full feature length cartoon about the important role bees play in nature. Collecting honey and polinating flowers, it is hilariously funny and educational too.

The kids will love it!

Yum yum!

Insects have been eaten by many cultures for thousands of years. To some people they are the most tasty of dishes! Our display brings together examples from around the World, including Chocolate coated ants, Stir-fried Silkworms and Tequila-flavoured lollipops with a genuine Mescal worm inside! If you like the idea of edible insects, why not buy some examples from our shop to take home or as a present for your friends and family!

Listen to Insects!

Hear what insects have to say to each other with our Touch-screen exhibit! Match the Sound to the Insect.

Discover the insect that sounds like a Fax machine! You'll be surprised how easily you respond to the high-pitched whine of the mosquito - their sound seems designed to annoy!

Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis is a gluttonous eating machine that will attack anything moving! Our Mantids are fed on captive-bred Crickets and Fruit flies, which they capture in 1/100th of a second with their lightning fast arms. All our Mantids live alone - not only do they eat anything that moves - they also eat each other - they are often cannibals!

Fruit Beetles

Insects have an amazing array of colours, produced by different means - from the amazing electric blue of the Morpho butterfly to the almost-metallic sheen of these Fruit Beetles. We have live examples of amazingly coloured beetles that shine and sparkle in the light! Learn more and see examples in our video displays!


Take a look at our display of Locusts as you enter the Museum - the Desert Locust (Locusta migratoria) can gather in swarms of up to 1 billion, devastating crops in Equatorial Africa. Ours are safely contained behind glass - dry and at 35°C! (they could not survive outside - at the first drop in temperature they would all die…)

Opening Times

We are open at the following times from Easter until All saints day inclusive:

Every day at 10:00

Non stop (including lunchtime)

Last Entry at 18:00 (19:00 July and August)



Children (4 to 12 inclusive):
€3.50 (under 4 - free)

Groups of 20 or more visitors:
20% reduction

Passeport Loisirs:
Adult €5.50 Child €3.00

Ambassadeur Lotois:
Free entry (with card, ID and paying guest).

Handicapped persons:
Free entry (with card and ID).

Each person gets a hand stamp. This lets you come and go all day for one entry fee.

How to Find us

We are located next to the Gouffre de Padirac, The Gouffre is signposted within a 50km radius on all main roads and the A20 motorway.

Follow the signs located along the main approach roads to the Gouffre.

Find Insectopia on the Google Location Map.

GPS Users: N 44.858825 E 1.750715 Alt 382m.

Contact Us


Phone: (0033) 05 65 33 76 76.

le Gouffre
46500 Padirac

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